Benefits of hockey for kids

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Hockey is one of many popular team sports in the US and in many other countries around the world. ‘ This particular game is popularized even more through the National Hockey League, a professional league that involves teams in many US and Canadian cities. ‘ Aside from the professionals though, many kids in the North American continent also enjoy hockey because it provides various benefits including the following:

1. ‘ Physical fitness

Hockey involves skating in an ice rink for long periods of time and it because of its physical demands, it can really be a means of exercise and fitness for kids. ‘ Instead of the traditional exercises like jogging, running, or going to the gym, kids may opt to play hockey to condition their bodies and become physically fit. ‘ The whole body, particularly the legs will be strengthened along with an overall improvement in agility, balance, and coordination.

2. ‘ Mental toughness

Team games such as hockey can also help kids develop mental strength. Being able to play with other kids will help one gauge his/her skills. ‘ With a means for comparison and with the team setup, kids will not only develop their bodies physically but will also gain toughness in their minds. ‘ With more challenges encountered by the hockey team for example, the kids will also develop more mental strength.

3. ‘ Camaraderie

Kids will also gain camaraderie from being part of a hockey team. ‘ The simple lesson of give and take or cooperation with the other players will help kids develop a sense of responsibility and empathy towards others. ‘ Hockey teams also involve roles for the different players and kids could also learn from these roles which could also be applied later in life.

Apart from the expected benefits of playing hockey, kids are sure to have fun skating in the ice with other kids. ‘ The best part of hockey as a game or sport is that many other players or kids are involved and this makes the overall playing experience worthwhile.

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