Benefits Of Hindu Push Ups

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Benefits of Hindu Push Ups

Hindu push ups are practiced by athletes all across the globe to build lower body speed, power and strength. They have now become popular for combat conditioning and advanced fitness training. When done correctly with deep relaxed breathing, it not only strengthens the body but rehabilitate your ankles and knees to build lung power. Although this workout is vigorous it offers a number of health benefits as discussed below.

1. Prevents shoulder injuries
Since one is prone to shoulder injuries when performing weight training workouts such as bench presses, Hindu push ups come in handy as they help build strong and powerful shoulders. In fact, you will feel much better once you learn the basic skills of managing you own bodyweight with less effort. Simply put, Hindu push ups can broaden your shoulder to prevent the risk of minor injuries.

2. Builds strong bones
Some folks have a weak lower body and cannot perform squats using proper technique. For this reason, you should ensure you use proper form when you perform Hindu push ups to avoid knee injury. People who perform this exercise frequently attest to its knee strengthening effects.

3. Improves lower body strength
Alongside proper breathing and proper form, Hindu push ups build excellent lung power. They help build both upper and lower body strength as well as improving flexibility of the hips and shoulders. If you normally do push-ups then Hindu push ups will be a walk in the park.

4. Increased mental and spiritual awareness
You have to perform the workout using perfect form to reap its amazing benefits. Do not move too slow or too fast without grace and rhythm. Perform the exercise slowly in a relaxed manner and maintain proper hand and breathing movements to increase internal power and spiritual awareness.

As mentioned above you should strive to maintain proper form as you perform this workout to reduce your risk of injury.

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