Benefits of Hemp Oil

hempBenefits Of Hemp Oil

The Hemp plant produces seeds that contain rich quantities of pure oil. The oil present in hemp seeds contains approximately 75 to 80% the good fat i.e. the polyunsaturated fatty acid. Only 9 to 11% of less preferred saturated fatty acids are present in hemp oil. Hemp seeds enclose approximately 40% oil, which combines the benefits of both marine fish oils and edible vegetable oils. Hemp seed oil contains rich quantities of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Along with this, good amounts of Vitamin E make the hemp oil healthier.

1.Benefits for the skin
Skin that contains lower amount of Omega 6 fatty acids and GLA is capable of absorbing natural moisture, and causes dryness.Â’ Dry skin causes many problems, like psoriasis, eczema, scaling, cracking, and loss of elasticity. Skin care products that contain Omega 6 fatty acids can help provide relieve these problems. Regular use of hemp oil reduces skin problems and helps to moisturize, soothe andÂ’ restore the dry damaged skin, thus making it smooth and silky. Hemp oil takes excellent care of hair and lips.

2.Provides low amounts of saturated fats to the body.
Oils those are rich in saturated fats result in the formation of cholesterol deposits, increased blood pressure, resulting in heart attacks and strokes. They also cause a few types of cancers in the body. Coconut oil is the most saturated choice.Â’  Hemp seed oil provides the lowest quantities of harmful saturated fats and is the healthiest of all eating oils.

3.Rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Polyunsaturated Fats are essential for the body and when taken with protein foods, these help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. They are thus helpful in preventing the body against heart problems like, attacks and strokes.

4.Helps in reducing body weight.
Regular intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids helps to increase the rate of metabolic activity in the body. It is also helpful in burning excessive body fats and thus reduces excessive weight.

5.Helps to reduce inflammation.
Hemp oil helps to reduce various kinds of inflammations in the body. Regular consumption of it is there useful in relieving inflammations caused by tuberculosis, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases.

6.Hemp oil is an excellent fuel.
The limited resources of fossil fuels and resulting pollution because of them created a need of an alternative source that can be used as a fuel. Biomass is one such alternative fuel source, which uses natural elements on the earth and converts them into energy that is required for various activities. Hempseed Oil has now become popular as a biomass source. It is not only efficient, but also cost effective and easy to grow.

Hemp oil has so many benefits to human health that is should be the first choice when buying oil for cooking purposes. By growing hemp on the land, that is lying waste we can produce a crop that can be used an alternative source for producing energy.

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