Benefits of Hebel

Benefits of Hebel

Hebel is a type of building material made from a mixture of cement, sand, and lime. ‘ A form of gas is also added into the mixture resulting into the characteristic little air pockets in the surface. ‘ Using hebel in building and construction has the following benefits:

1. Maximized Space

Structures built using Hebel or Hebel systems are usually thinner which results to extra little space. ‘ When compared with basic construction materials like concrete for example, walls made with Hebel provide extra inches for a maximized use of space.

2. Energy Efficiency

Hebel materials are known to be thermally more efficient than other materials. ‘ This simply means that spaces built with Hebel walls for example need less air conditioner during the warmer months of the year. ‘ The winter season isn’t also a concern with Hebel walls. ‘ Occupants of a particular space will also need less of the air heater because of Hebel construction materials. ‘ Overall, the benefit will be experienced through lower power consumption for the entire space or building.

3. Stronger and Safer Building

Through Hebel’s signature material, a building is said be safer in terms of damage from fire. ‘ The mixture involved in making Hebel materials are excellent fire retardants. ‘ The trademark concrete from Hebel can also avoid the problem of termite infestation as the material itself is not a food source for these insects. ‘ This makes Hebel-made buildings stronger.

4. Good sound insulation

For people who value privacy, they can definitely appreciate the great sound insulation provided by Hebel walls. ‘ This is especially applicable to apartments and dorm buildings where one family literally lives just beside another family. ‘ To keep any family from annoying the other with noise, Hebel walls offer good sound proofing and protection.

With the various benefits mentioned above, many people have started to embrace the technology found in Hebel construction materials. ‘ After all, people would want to have a building that is strong and safe and all these can be provided by Hebel products.

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