Benefits of Headstands

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Headstand or Sirsasana is one of the most beneficial of the ancient yogic postures found in the Vedas.

Although headstand may seem like a fun party trick, however in reality it is actually much more difficult to perform than it apparently seems to the onlookers.

So before you begin doing Sirsasana, always remember that while you learn to practice this yogic exercise, it is best to practice it in front of a yoga teacher, until you find your bearings.

Sirsasana has several benefits, but only if you are able to do it in a proper and safe manner. Per say, if one has any neck or back ailments, it is best to skip doing this yogic posture until the person has recovered.

It is also commonly advised it not proper to do headstand or not to go upside down if one is pregnant.

Nevertheless, if one has a healthy neck and back and is also not pregnant, here are few most essential benefits of performing headstand as illustrated below.

It relieves stress

Sirsasana or headstand which is also known as the cooling posture in the ancient Vedic manuscripts, means, that this exercise helps us to draw our attention inside. It has been found that this yogic posture is not only extremely helpful for alleviating stress and fear, but it is a wonderful exercise that frees us from worrisome thoughts. Once one does Sirsasana in combination with slow and deep breathing, it is an ideal recipe for stress relief.

Increase our ability to focus

As it is much apparent when we turn upside down, it increases the blood flow to our brain. This yogic exercise has often been performed by many yogic saints for improving their cognitive abilities and thus increase their aptitude to focus on thoughts. It is an exercise that also helps us in increasing our capability for multi-tasking as it aids us in keeping our mind clear and sharp.

Helps in better eyesight

It has been observed by many, that when we flip over like what we do when we perform headstand, we tend to send extra oxygen and nutrient enriched blood to our head, which in turn aids in enhancing our eyesight. Doing Sirsasana often helps in preventing macular degeneration and other eye related maladies.

Strengthens our arm and shoulder

While doing Sirsasana, or holding oneself up in a headstand, one needs to push down into the ground with their forearm, so that one can utilize the strength of their shoulder, arms and their back muscles to keep the pressure off of their neck and head. Hence headstand is an awesome exercise that helps in improving the strength of our upper torso and it also increase our muscular endurance.

Improves digestion

It has been observed that, when we allow the effects of gravity to be reversed on our gastrointestinal organs, we aid our body to release trapped gases inside our GI track. Doing headstand also improves the blood flow to all major digestive organs, when we do it along with belly breathing for accomplishing a double whammy effect.

Apart from the above stated health benefits doing headstand regularly also aids in decreasing fluid build-up in our legs and ankle and stimulate our lymphatic system for a better health.

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