Benefits of HDL

Benefits of HDL

HDL cholesterol is also referred to as good cholesterol since it is very beneficial to the body. It is responsible for removing LDL cholesterol from the walls of the arteries and returning it into the blood, and thus prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the body.

1. Enhances heart health

As a result of the fact that HDL dispels bad cholesterol out of a person’s body, it assists in guarding against various heart diseases like strokes or heart attack. High amounts of HDL cholesterol enhance heart health. It also boosts the circulation of blood through clearing the walls of arteries.

2. Fights atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a disease characterized by the accumulation of plaques or fat in the arterial walls that can stop blood flow. If the plaque continues to accumulate, the arteries are likely to become blocked or hardened. Since HDL helps to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol present in the arteries as well as the fatty deposits referred to as plaque, it could possibly help prevent atherosclerosis. Other complications linked with atherosclerosis include coronary artery disease that occurs when arteries have narrowed, especially the ones close to the heart.

3. Reduces cholesterol levels

A key benefit of HDL is its capability to act like a cholesterol hunter, which is highly advantageous to the body. HDL transports cholesterol from the arteries as well as other tissues and takes them for excretion or processing in the liver. Through this action, HDL removes harmful LDL cholesterol present in the blood.

4. Additional benefits

HDL cholesterol is used in cell membranes to provide cell rigidity and strength. It also helps in transporting various antioxidant enzymes and vitamins, especially vitamin E and A. By increasing the amount of vitamin D in the body, HDL cholesterol boosts a person’s immune system, assisting to control blood pressure.

The main disadvantage of HDL is that if its quantities in the body reduce, it can cause an accumulation of LDL, which is very harmful.

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