Benefits Of Hazelnuts

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Benefits of Hazelnuts

Besides being very tasty and delicious, hazelnuts offer great benefits also. Actually, with all the benefits being demonstrated by hazelnuts, people are now considering them as the best choices for snacks. Here are some key reasons why you should start eating hazelnuts today.

1. Good fats
Even though some forms of fats are not necessarily good for the heart, hazelnuts provide a great source of both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that assist safeguard heart health. Known for having high concentrations of the useful oleic acid, hazelnuts boost heart health significantly. Oleic acid, which is also present in olive oil, works through lowering LDL levels and raising HDL levels. This makes hazelnuts a satisfying and heart healthy option of snacking.

2. Prevent cataracts
Numerous studies carried out on lab rats displayed that hazelnuts safeguarded the development of cataract once the rats had been exposed to low concentrations of a drug called doxorubicin. While it remains unclear whether or not the same applies to humans, it simply shows the astounding health properties that hazelnuts have.

3. High in fiber and protein
One cup of hazelnuts offers a staggering 17g of protein along with 11g of fiber. As such, hazelnuts offer a great substitute for protein for individuals who do not consume meat. Nevertheless, other kinds of whole vegetarian protein will be needed for offering a complete protein source. Furthermore, the amino acid called arginine is present in these nuts and it assists in relaxing blood vessels.

4. High in minerals and vitamins
Vitamins are found in plenty in hazelnuts, especially vitamin E and also the many B vitamins. They are also excellent sources of calcium, magnesium and potassium. These minerals held in maintaining a proper blood pressure.

As hazelnuts are filled with calories, they should not be consumed in excess. One cup is sufficient for getting all these health benefits.

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