Benefits of having a cat

Having a Cat

It is very natural that when we start thinking about necessary items that can help us to increase our health, we seldom think about pets. Especially ownership of a cat, may not even come to our mind. However, research conducted on keeping cat as a pet has shown several benefits as health professionals and researchers on human-and-animal behavioral science are finding that cat ownership can actually benefit our health.

Here are some of the benefits which we can enjoy by owning this feline pet and keeping it by our side at home.

Lowers cardiovascular risks

Believe it or not, in a recent study conducted in University of Minnesota, it has been found that people who do not live with cats have 30 to 40 percent more chances of developing cardiac diseases than those who does have a cat at their home. According to this study, it has however been stated that ownership of dogs didn’t reap such beneficial results.

Improves the owners immunity system

Owning cats helps us to fight diseases as it boosts our immunity. It is hard to understand, but medically it has been observed that the feeling that one gets related to their cats does help in boosting the cat owner’s immune system. It has also been observed that cats often understands when you can fall ill and so they habitually come and provide their owners with comfort, while helping the diseased individuals to boost his or her immunity against the malady.

Decreases chances of developing allergies

It has been often said that –if you are pregnant, you might consider getting a pet. It has been studied that having a pet cat at home helps in preventing the new born from developing allergies. Being used to living with a cat at home, from an early age, triggers immunity which is more powerful than children who do not live along with pets.

Reduces risk of developing asthma

It has also been studied that having a pet cat at home can prevent asthma in children. It’s not a hearsay, for it has been medically proved that early and regular contact with cats and also to certain extent with dogs helps the children to avoid number of bronchial and respiratory diseases.

Reduces blood pressure

The company of a cat, which is indeed a matter of sheer enjoyment for its owner, helps in reducing the blood pressure level of the master of the pet. It has been noticed further that just by stroking a cat, people who enjoys their company as their pets, often finds relief from their anxieties, which in turn lowers their blood pressure. In a study done at State University of New York, this theory was proved right by researchers who were working on this “human and their pets’ behavioural study.

Reduces loneliness

Many of us who feels lonely in their day to day life can find relief by owning a pet. By keeping a cat as a pet, cat companionship for those who feels lonely can let them get connected with another life. Persons who are single or have been widowed often finds solace by just having a cat to come home and thereby spend time with their pet.

Apart from the above stated facts, it has also been noticed that keeping a cat as a pet often mysteriously lowers our bad cholesterol and our triglycerides.

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