Benefits Of Hanuman Chalisa


Benefits Of Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa adores and glorifies Lord Hanuman who is also considered as the principal devotee of Lord Shri Rama. Hanuman is the symbol of courage, Bhakti, selfless service, and humble disposition, all rolled into one. This great devotional work was created by Goswami Tulsidas who is quite known for his devotional work – the Tulsi Ramayan. Tulsidas ji revolutionized the Bhakti movement and enabled the common masses to narrate the glories of Shri Rama. Hanuman Chalisa is extremely effective in diluting the negative effects of planet Saturn, its transit or its major and minor periods. Apart from this there are many other benefits of Hanuman Chalisa, some of which are:

1. Brings divine knowledge.
Reciting the first doha of Hanuman Chalisa brings divine knowledge for the worshipper.

2. Transforms negative into positive.
Recitation of the 3rd Chaupayi of Hanuman Chalisa helps transforming people who have undesirable habits or are hooked on bad company. It also brings abundant strength to the worshipper.

3. Cultivates Rama Bhakti.
Recitation of seventh and eighth Chaupayi’s of Hanumaan Chalisa cultivates Rama Bhakti in the worshipper. These chaupayi’s also make the bhakt dear to the Lord.

4. Clears misunderstandings.
The 12th Chaupayi of Hanumaan Chalisa helps in clearing any misunderstanding between siblings and promotes unity between brothers.

5. Brings fame.
The thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth Chaupayis of Hanumaan Chalisa help people in attaining glory and fame.

6. Drives away negative energies.
Recitation of the twenty fourth Chaupayi helps in moving away negative energies like saakinii, daakini, Boota, Pisachas, and black magical deities.

7. Good health.
Recitation of the twenty fifth Chaupayi helps in sustaining good health and makes the person capable of bearing any kind of injury or physical pain.

8. Makes the worshipper fulfilled.
Recitation of the thirty second, thirty third, thirty fourth and thirty fifth Chaupayi’s make people enjoy a moral and fulfilling life. He or she doesn’t have to face any worries or frustrations and is thus able to reach Shri Rama.

9. Relief from difficulties and pains.
Recitation of the thirty sixth Chaupayi by a devotee brings relief from all pains and difficulties.

When individual Chaupayi’s of Hanumaan Chalisa bring such positive results you can imagine the amount of benefits a devotee can get by chanting the entire Hanumaan chalisa all through his life. Although Hanuman Chalisa can be recited any number of times by the devotees, but certain numbers have been given important in bringing about the positive effects of Hanumaan Chalisa.
People under the negative influence of planet Saturn should chant the Hanumaan Chalisa 8 times on Saturdays. Similarly people who wish to accomplish major tasks should recite the appropriate Chaupayi 1008 times with devotion on an auspicious Saturday Tuesday, or Thursday. This can surely bring positive results in their lives.

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  1. jack

    April 10, 2012 3:51 am

    I learnt Hanuman chalisha when I was four or five years old. I memorised it through listening from my elder nephew’s evening prayer. It was very easy for me to recite with him. Gradually my memory power improved and could memorise Vishnu Sahashranama, Shiv Aarti, Hanuman Aarti, 15th and 12th chapters of the Bhagabadgita. I was attracted very much towards Hanuman holding the mountain image. Gradually my devotion towards Hanuman increased. My elder nephew advised me to recite Hanuman chalisha regularly only to spend more time on my study. I obeyed as such. I didn’t recite other sutras or recited them occasionally. But I had already created an affinity towards Sanskrit. So I took interest in memorising other sanskrit slokas. And it was quite easy for me to memorise sanskrit very well. I began my schooling at an early age and my teachers and villagers were impressed on my memory skill. I stood second in the class during my 1st to 3rd std. I became well known in my locality. All people loved me. After my elementary schooling I went to a distant school nearby around 2 kms away from home. In our class there were about 60_70 students. I became the centre of attraction of many teachers. I received love and affection from my teachers, friends and seniors. During all these times I already had made it a habit to recite the Hanuman chalisha anytime and anywhere. I joined another distant school to continue my 6th standard. Right from the beginning, all teachers were amazed at my memory power. I could do my home work regularly and effectively. I never felt any burden. I was very active particularly in science and literature classes. I could be able to finish the homeworks right in the class itself, or in spare times in school. Science and literature teachers were very much impressed on me. I liked sports as well. This was a concern to my parents and teachers as well. They monitored on me and levied more homeworks on me. So my playing activities were confined from 4_6 PM only. This created a restless mind. I couldn’t concentrate fully either in class or in home. I became absent minded in class. One afternoon I couldn’t find anybody to play with. I went to the middle of the field and sat down there waiting for my friends’ coming. I was lost amidst the sounds of nature. I reflected on my previous years and compared my present situation to them. I got my holy grail. The Hanuman chalisha. I wasn’t reciting it anymore since few months. I was lost in games and studies only. In the same evening I started reciting Hanuman chalisha again. Things started to change. I stood first in class. There were also times when I was honoured to join thief groups, even forcefully and via blackmailing too. I was also offered bribes viz. cigarettes, pan, bada, samosa, sweets etc. I can’t say why I didn’t do those things, due to the fear of family members, defame or Lord Hanuman protected me. The choice is yours.

    • holy cow

      September 16, 2012 12:13 am

      we learn to stand for our self without fearing anyone because it improves the quality of our thoughts and then our life…this is what i got from your story.loved it….

  2. Rudra

    October 14, 2012 8:29 am

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  3. skjain

    January 31, 2015 10:44 pm

    i am impressed with the article . is this really true that chanting hanuman chalisa improves the quality of life .

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