Benefits of hanging upside down

Hanging Unside down

In the recent years, people have been drawn to the idea of hanging them upside-down to improve their posture and relieve back pain- which it can. However, it is mandatory that one should never force oneself, but hang upside down easily without any stress to their body. Using an inversion table that allows us to control the degree of inversion is an ideal equipment to perform this exercise. Using an inversion table, one can lie horizontally at zero degree to begin with and then can go all the way upside down comfortably till 90 degrees. It must be mentioned further over here that if you are using the inversion table for the first time it best to invert yourself anywhere in-between 20 to 50 degrees to get used to staying inclined for the first few weeks. It is most imperative that one should feel at ease before proceeding to greater inversion angles.

One can also practice inversion with the help of inversion chairs and gravity boots which are less costly than the tables.

Apart from the known fact that total body stretch in an opposite position increases our blood circulation to our brain, which can be even achieved at a milder angles, here are some other most important health benefits of hanging us upside-down.

Reduces Stress

It has been clinically recorded that as soon as someone gets adjusted to hanging them upside-down for more than 60 seconds, they began to feel the relaxing benefits of inversion. Inversion puts our body and mind at ease, and thus it has been seen that by simply hanging us upside-down with our eyes closed, it reduces our stress considerably- much like what can be achieved through meditation.

Improves Balance, Focus and Brain functions

When we practice hanging us upside-down on a daily basis, we definitely begin to notice that our brain feels more alive after performing this exercise. It has also been observed that hanging us upside-down helps in improving our balance and make us think in a more focused manner by doing this ‘aerial yoga’.

Improves strength of our core muscles

One of the greatest benefits of hanging us upside-down is that while you do inverted crunches, you tend to put no pressure on your back as you curl up and down in this posture. As we known fighting the forces of gravity is one of the hardest thing that we face while doing normal exercise, doing exercises while we remain inverted, helps us to strengthen our core muscles in a much more easy way.

Improves joint health

Inverting reverses the pressure of gravity which can help our spinal column to open up fully that helps in improving joint health and alleviate back pain. Hanging us upside-down also helps in restoring the health of our ligaments that in turn aids in improving our overall skeletal health.

Aids in getting taller

As our back decompresses while hanging upside down, it creates more space in our spinal column. It has been a widely accepted theory that if one can hang upside, when one is young, one can dramatically increase their chances of increasing their heights permanently.

Apart from the above stated health benefits hanging us upside-down also helps in reducing wrinkles, clears our skin and improves the functions of our digestive, cardiac and lymphatic systems.

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