Benefits Of Hair Henna

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Benefits of Hair Henna

Henna is mainly used for dyeing hair but it has many other uses. It renders a reddish color when applied onto dark hair. Henna is widely used in India and other Asian and African countries. Aside from only dyeing hair, henna can also promote hair growth since it blends well with the hair’s natural proteins. Here are the benefits of using hair henna.

1. Herbal conditioner
For those looking for natural methods of conditioning their hair then henna offers a good option. It provides hair a bright and shiny appearance as it nourishes it and makes it soft. The best method of getting this hair conditioning benefit of henna is through mixing henna and curd together and then topically applying it onto the head. The curd inhibits hair drying and is accountable for the extra glow.

2. Hair growth
Henna use is regarded like an effective treatment for hair loss. In fact, individuals who regularly use henna have healthy hair. Using henna helps seal and repair hair cuticles, thus assisting to heal the hair shaft. Boil henna in olive or mustard oil and then massage this mixture onto the hair for proper hair growth. This prevents hair breakage, while retaining the natural hair glow.

3. Prevents hair fall
Hair henna balances scalp PH, thus preventing hair fall. Furthermore, henna helps cure many common scalp problems like dryness and dandruff among others. It also prevents hair fall through reversing the negative pollution effects on hair and also dryness because of too much blow drying.

4. Cheap hair care method
Compared to the prices that you may pay when visiting a salon, henna use for hair is totally inexpensive. In fact, most of the compounds utilized in making chemical hair products like conditioners and moisturizers can leave your hair brittle and damaged.

The only noticeable demerit of using henna is that it stains your hands during the paste application onto the hair.

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