Benefits of Gymnema

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Benefits of Gymnema

Gymnema or Gymnema Sylvestre is a herb which is generally found the in the tropical forests of Asia and India.

The benefits are plenty and can be enumerated below :

  1. A therapy – Gymnema has been known for ages to be a wonderful therapy for arthritis and diabetes.

  2. Weight Manager – Gymnema is also to be well known as a multi supportive therapy for weight management.

  3. Gymnema reduces craving for sweets thus reduces sugar absorption during digestion, thus is very helpful in balancing blood sugar levels.

  4. The Gymnema plant contains many compounds like anthroquinones and acidic glycosides which serves as an appetite suppressant. Gymenema contains a bioactive constituent called gymnemic acid found in its leaves and roots. This has already been tested by the researchers for its effects on people with average weight, who were fasting. It was found that those who took Gymnema one hour prior to the food being offered ate much lesser than those who did not have Gymnema.

  5. When gymnemic acids are blocked in to the intestinal receptors, they effectively block out glucose as well. This prevents the sugars from being absorbed. This provides a double benefit – it balances blood sugar, and it also promotes lean body mass by reducing the amount of sugar that gets stored as fat.

  6. A diabetic therapy – Gymnema positively affects insulin production. The researchers have shown that Gymnema supplements increases the insulin levels. The Insulin is produced in the pancreas and it is believed that the insulin increase may be due to a regeneration of pancreatic cells.

  7. A weight loss Aid – Gymnema plays a major role as a weight loss aid. When it was given to obese rats, it was seen very clearly that they had experienced a decrease in both the body weight and food consumption

  8. Gymnema also reduces bad cholesterol phenomenally.

Thus is quite clearly proved that Gymnema is used in traditional medicines and has uses that people are not much aware of.

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