Benefits of growing your own food

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Benefits of growing your own food

People that live in urban neighborhoods are usually too busy to prepare their own food. ‘ With a consumer-based economy, people usually resort to the easiest way to get food and that is to buy them ready-to-eat at restaurants or go to the grocery store. ‘ Most people can’t find time to do some gardening and prepare the food themselves. ‘ On the other side of things, people that choose to grow their own food can get various benefits including the following:

1. Healthier Food

Growing food in the backyard garden could mean a healthier produce in terms of the fertilizers and pesticides used. ‘ In backyard gardening, one can ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in growing the food. ‘ On the other hand, food items brought in supermarkets and grocery stores may be exposed to toxic chemicals that may be harmful to one’s health.

2. More savings

Getting fruits and vegetables from one’s own backyard in making food can easily translate to savings. ‘ With more food prepared and eaten at home, there will be fewer opportunities to splurge when dining outside. ‘ And when it comes to the actual cost of food, those that are sold in restaurants for example are simply way pricier than those available at one’s home.

3. More physical activity

Growing food in the backyard can also be a means of exercise for most people. ‘ Instead of having to go out and jog in the neighborhood or go to the local gym, people can have an instant workout by simply tending to his/her fruit and vegetable garden.

4. Sense of accomplishment

Being able to grow food items at one’s home may also feel very rewarding for some people. ‘ As many would say, gardening is not an easy task and being successful with it would make people happy about their accomplishment.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, many people decide to grow their own food because they enjoy doing it. ‘ Some do it as a means of bonding with the family while others enjoy having easy access to food.

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