Benefits Of Green Smoothies

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Benefits of Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are quite nutritious and they offer several benefits. Most green smoothies comprise of 65% ripe fruit mixed together with about 35% organic greens. More advantages of green smoothies are provided below.

1. Simple digestion
Consuming green smoothies is beneficial since they are much simpler to digest. If you blend them well, most cells present in the fruits and greens are ruptured and this makes the nutrients assimilated easily in the body. Actually, green smoothies start getting absorbed as soon as you place them in the mouth.

2. Eliminate unhealthy cravings
Unhealthy cravings and satisfying these cravings are the major contributors of bad health. Cravings for junk foods like chips and chocolate may even cause you to lose sleep during the night. However, through drinking green smoothies, you can be able to remove all your unhealthy cravings and lead a healthier life.

3. Chlorophyll
A certain chlorophyll molecule resembles the molecules present in human blood. Doctors suggest the consumption of green smoothies as it may provide a similar effect like getting blood transfusion.

4. Suitable alternative
Most people today do not eat adequate greens and veggies, even those individuals who are currently using raw food diet s. By consuming two cups of well-prepared green smoothies, you are going to consume sufficient greens for one day. This helps to nourish the body as all the nutrients are well assimilated.

5. Simple to make
Making green smoothies is very simple since ingredients are readily accessible. In contrast, the process of juicing greens takes lots of time and it is expensive. Most individuals abandon the consumption of green juices regularly due to the aforementioned reasons. However, making smoothies takes only five minutes or less, including cleaning up after.
Although consuming green smoothies has little adverse effects, it is better to take only 3 cups per day since the fiber content can cause bloating.

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