Benefits Of Green Beans

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Benefits of Green Beans

Green beans or sting beans are grown in most countries all over the world. They have a deep green color and they have an average of 4 inches. Further down is a brief description of the health benefits of consuming green beans.

1. Enhance cardiovascular health
The antioxidant content of green beans offers great cardiovascular benefits. Regular consumption of green beans is linked to enhancements in blood fat levels as well as improved protection of the good fats from oxidation. The omega 3 present in green beans also aids in heart protection. Even though there amount of omega 3 in these beans is relatively small, it is still beneficial to cardiovascular health.

2. Antioxidant properties
Aside from conventional antioxidant substances such as beta carotene and vitamin C, green beans comprise of vital amounts of the mineral manganese, a powerful antioxidant. Moreover, these particular beans contain various kinds of carotenoids like lutein, beta carotene, neoxanthin and violaxinthin. All these nutrients have been portrayed to contain heart supportive antioxidant effects. In fact, nutritionists believe that the antioxidant content of green beans is much greater in contrast with other food products in the bean and pea families.

3. Anti-inflammatory
The strong flavonoid and carotenoid content of these particular beans appears to provide some distinctive anti-inflammatory advantages. For instance, certain preliminary studies done on some lab animals shows reduced activity inflammation-linked enzymes called cyclooxygenases following green beans consumption. Since Type 2 diabetes normally comes about due to unwanted, chronic inflammation, it is not a surprise that green beans supplementation may offer relief.

4. Fiber
Green beans have excellent fiber content, which is vital for preventing common health problems like constipation and IBS. Fiber also assists in enhancing the digestion process in the body.
Since green beans also contain trace amounts of oxalates, individuals with kidney complications ought to avoid eating them.

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