Benefits Of Greek yogurt

Benefits Of Greek yogurt

As more and more people are realizing the benefits of eating probiotic food, the popularity of Yogurt is increasing. Aside from this, the foods are so easily available and easy to use that they are preferred as a breakfast and snack over other forms of food. Apart from this, Greek yogurt is used in the form of a base for preparing sauces, salad dressings, smoothies, and yogurt -based desserts and ice creams. Although, Greek yogurt is quite recent to the American supermarket, it has become quite popular among people due to its numerous benefits. These benefits include:

1. Rich source of proteins.

Greek yogurt is a rich source of protein as compared to other varieties of yogurts available in the market. A cup of low-fat, plain, conventional yogurt contains ten to twelve grams protein, whereas Greek yogurts contain about twenty grams of protein almost double that of conventional yogurt.

2. Low amounts of carbohydrates.

People who are conscious about their intake of calories and carbohydrates should opt for Greek yogurt, as it is a healthy food containing low amounts of carbohydrates. Whereas other standard yogurts contain fourteen to seventeen grams of carbohydrates, Greek yogurt contains an average of about nine grams. For people suffering from diabetes Greek yogurt is the perfect choice as breakfast food.

3. Low quantity of sodium.

Greek yogurt is the perfect food for people suffering from heart problems like blood pressure etc. This is due to the low sodium content, as compared to other standard yogurts available in the market.

4. Thick creamy texture.

Greek yogurt has thick, creamy texture which appeals to people all over the world. The standard yogurt available in the market is usually strained two times, whereas the Greek yogurt is strained thrice so that the resultant product is extremely creamy and fine. This is the reason this yogurt is free from external and artificial thickeners. The thick and creamy texture makes it suitable for preparing dips and sauces.

5. Easily digested.

Greek yogurt contains low amounts of carbohydrates as compared to regular yogurt. Thus, the amount of lactose sugar present in it is quite low as compared to other standard yogurts. Lactose sugar is sometimes the main cause of upset stomachs in people consuming dairy products. Low amounts of this sugar makes Greek yogurt an excellent food for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Due to its thick and creamy texture Greek yogurt is used for preparing many dishes both salty and sweet in taste. The same property makes it a suitable substitute for sour cream, milk for baking purposes.

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