Benefits of grapes

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Grapes are berries which falls within the botanical group ‘Vitas’. This delicious fruit can be eaten in its raw form or they can be used for making several other awesome recipes like resins, jams, juice, jelly, grape seed oil, wine and others.

Grapes generally occurs in clusters and are non-climatic type of fruits which has the ability to treat indigestion, constipation, fatigue, macular degeneration, kidney disorders and also helps in prevention of cataracts. This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin A, B6, C and folate in addition to essential minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, selenium and magnesium.

Some of the notable health benefits which are found in this delicious fruit are:

1. Resistance against Asthma

Grapes has been uses over the centuries as a cure against asthma. As the hydrating power of this fruit is also high, eating grapes increases the quantity of moisture inside the lungs which helps in reducing asthmatic effects.

2. Helps in strengthening the bones

As grapes are a magnificent source of micro-nutrients such as iron, copper, manganese and others which are important for the formation and strength of our skeletal system, adding grapes to our regular diet helps in preventing age related bone diseases like osteoporosis. Manganese present in the grapes also helps in collagen formation, protein metabolism and proper functioning of the nervous system in our body.

3. Reduce chances of heart disease

Consuming grapes increases the nitric oxide levels in our body that prevents thickening of our blood. It is therefore suggested that eating grapes considerably reduces the chances of heart attacks. Apart from this the antioxidants such as ‘resveratrol’ and ‘quercetin’ flavonoids that are present in this fruit prevents oxidization of LDH cholesterol which is often responsible for blocking the blood vessels in our coronary arteries.

4. Helps in curing migraine

Over the ages, eating ripe grapes has been an important home remedy for curing migraines. Ripe grape juice along with the seeds, when drunk early in the morning, without diluting it with addition water, often proves to be a miraculous cure against this illness.

5. Cure against constipation

As grapes are high in insoluble fibers, this fruit is very effective in eliminating and overcoming constipations. For this reason grapes, when consumed regularly, are often considered as laxative food, which helps in building up bulk that promotes the formation and excretion of healthy stool. It has also been clinically suggested that as grapes contains organic acids, cellulose and sugar, this fruit helps in toning up the intestinal muscles which aids in proper bowel movement through the intestinal track.

6. Relieves fatigue

Iron contents found in light and white grapes helps the body to prevent fatigue. As grapes are a rich source of iron, eating grapes on a daily basis, helps in fighting against anemia, as it keeps the iron and mineral content levels balanced in our body. Hence it is often noted that drinking grape juice most of the times provides an instant energy boost, since iron is a vital mineral that impact a number of physiological functions in our body.

Apart from these grapes are also recommended for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Macular degeneration, Kidney disorder and is also widely accepted for its cancer prevention properties.

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