Benefits Of Google Voice

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Benefits Of Google Voice

Google Voice is an excellent means of communication between people sitting at huge distances from each other. People subscribing to it get a phone number in their area code, which is free of cost. Once one gets the Google Voice account, one can choose a local area code and any phone number that is in accordance to one’s needs. In case one doesn’t want to search through thousands of given phone numbers, he just uses the search function to see whether the number he wishes to have is available or not. The Google Voice number facilitates a person to receive and send text messages also. These can be sent both form one’s phone as well as from his computer. There are many benefits of using Google Voice, some of which include:

1. Attend selective calls.
Google Voice offers the advantage of listening to a call before making a decision to attend to or skip it. Thus you can have selective calls which you wish to attend to. For instance, if you cannot identify a number, just pick up the phone and listen to the voicemail left. Once you know that the caller is your mother and not a bank executive selling you a credit card, you can take the call.

2. Helps in blocking calls.
Google voice has an excellent feature, which helps you to block those calls which are not of your interest. This feature prevents you from unwanted telemarketing calls, saving you a lot of time and energy.

3. Forward calls to any phone.
The facility of forwarding a call to any other phone of your choice makes Google voice extremely affordable and cost effective. This means that any phone number and calls coming from it can be forwarded to your track phone, home landline, or you’re Blackberry. The same call can be forwarded to multiple phones at one point of time. This feature helps a person receive calls even when he doesn’t know where he will be at a given point of time.

4. Receive transcripts of received voicemails.
Google voice facilitates you to transcribe your voicemails sent to your email. If you are a person spending lots of time on your system, then you can respond to these transcribed voicemails either via email or text messages.

5. Facilitates you in many ways
Google Voice helps you to make conference calls, record calls, and switch to different phones during a call.

So if you’ve been searching for an affordable phone plan having all such facilities Google voice is the perfect alternative for you.

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