Benefits Of Good posture

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Benefits Of Good posture

There are a host of factors responsible for a healthy and good-looking body. Some of the well known factors that contribute to making a healthy and attractive body are nutrition, aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, and resistance training. However, one quite powerful element contributing to physical change, but goes overlooked is posture. Most people focus on their diet and exercise schedules, but often ignore posture. Although both these factors are important, many persons who take good diet, do regular exercises, have healthy bodies, but have poor posture. Poor posture spoils the image of a person having an otherwise healthy body. Beyond appearance, poor posture has a negative effect on health. It is therefore important to pay attention on having a good posture as it is quite beneficial for the overall health of a person. The benefits of good posture include:

1. Reduces the risk of back pain.
The most obvious benefit of having a good posture is the reduced risk of having back and neck pain. Keeping the body in the correct postural alignment prevents the ligaments and muscles from being overworked and strained. There are less chances of the discs being compressed, thus reducing the risk of back and neck pain.

2. Prevents the occurrence of arthritis.
Good posture reduces the risk of wearing of bones, thus reducing the risk of painful diseases like arthritis.

3. Reduces body fatigue.
When a person tries to remain in good posture, the muscles of the body are used more efficiently. Thus, more work can be done employing less amount of body energy and preventing fatigue.

4. Beneficial to the brain
Good posture is quite beneficial for the brain because people with good posture have greater concentration and better mental ability compared to those with poor postures.

5. Enhances confidence.
People having good posture feel and appear quite confident as compared to those who don’t care for their posture. Such people project greater authority on others both at formal and informal places.

6. Improves appearance.
Good posture helps people to improve their appearance and make them look taller and slimmer.

Posture is a part of your life as it is important whether you are sitting, standing or sleeping or moving. So, don’t commit the mistake of sleeping on your stomach. The mattress you chose for sleeping should neither be too soft nor too hard as either of the two will spoil your posture. While sitting align your shoulders vertically on your hips and sit symmetrically so that there is equal pressure on both the hips. A little effort in this direction will help improve your health and appearance.

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