Benefits Of Goldenseal

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Benefits Of Goldenseal

The botanical name of goldenseal is Hydrastis Canadensis. It is commonly known as Orange-root, and is a perennial herb belonging to the family Ranunculaceae or buttercup family. The plant is native to northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. This perennial herb is bitter, hepatic, laxative, anticatarrhal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and oxytocic in nature. Due to the above properties, the plant is the most popular herb sold in the American market. The American Indians use goldenseal as a medicine for treating digestive, respiratory, genito-urinary tract inflammations caused by allergies and infections.

Aids in detoxification.
Goldenseal herb helps to increase fluid elimination that removes toxins and harmful substances out of the body. It thus helps in the detoxification and cleaning of the body, which in turn protects us from various kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Helps in treating cold and flu.
Irritated mucus membranes of eyes, nose, ears and throat are the first signs of cold and flu. Goldenseal soothes the membranes and prevents the development of these symptoms. This herb has long been used for the treatment of fevers, excess mucous and congestion.

Rich in nutrients.
Goldenseal contains rich amounts of minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron. It also has minerals like vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and other nutrients.

Rich in alkaloids.
The rhizomes and roots of this herb contain isoquinoline alkaloids, such as hydrastine, canadine, berberine, l-hydrastine, canadaline, and traces of fatty oil, essential oil, and resin. High content of alkaloids is responsible for the anti-infective, antibiotic, and immune stimulating properties of goldenseal.

Helps in treating heartburn.
The goldenseal herb and its extracts help in preventing and treating heartburn, particularly caused by emotional stress. It helps in lowering the levels of acids, thus soothing the digestive system and reducing heartburn.

Aids in curing ear infections.
This herb helps in curing ear infections and other related diseases. Due to its ability to boost the immune system, goldenseal keeps away invaders such as bacteria from the tissues. Apart from this, it supports the drainage of lymph from the ear area reducing the possibility of bacterial growth.

Beneficial for the nervous system.
Goldenseal extract is helpful in calming the central nervous system. Regular consumption of goldenseal creates a relaxing and sedating effect, thus improving sleep. Ample and deep sleep slows down heartbeat and lowers the blood pressure.

Beneficial for women.
The herb is beneficial for slowing down menstrual bleeding and any bleeding after child birth. Due to its astringent effect, it helps in dilating the blood vessels and lowers the rate of bleeding.

The herb promotes the contraction of the uterus. Thus, pregnant women should avoid the use of this herb. People suffering from heart disease, glaucoma, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure should consult their physician before consuming goldenseal.

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