Benefits Of Goji berries

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Benefits Of Goji berries

Goji berry is a red colored super food that bears its resemblance to red raisin in appearance. Goji berries grow abundantly in the tropical environment of Asian countries like India, China, Tibet Magnolia, and the Himalayas. They are usually found and used like a dry fruit and have a sweet tangy taste. Goji berries are also consumed in the form of a health drink or juice that helps in burning excessive calories and fats. Thus, it is widely used in weight loss campaigns. Apart from this, there are numerous other health benefits of consuming Goji berries. These benefits include:

1. Aids in enhancing libido.
Goji berries possess the capability of enhancing the human libido. In Asian countries, these berries have traditionally been used as a sexual tonic, which helps to improve the sex drive in both women and men. As people age, the levels of testosterone- the male sex hormone,drop down reducing the sex drive. Intake of Goji berries increases the levels of testosterone secreted especially in males, thereby improving their sex drive.

2. Improves general well being.
Goji berries are considered as a great tonic that helps improve the mood, overall stamina, and well-being apart from reducing stress. These effects combined together help to make a perfect body state required for a healthy sex life.

3. Rich in nutrients.
Gogi berries are rich in vital vitamins and nutrients, which are helpful in fighting a host of diseases.

4. Helps in weight loss.
The primary reason for the popularity of goji berries among the youth and middle aged people is their ability to help in effective weight loss. This is due to the presence of Vitamin B1 or thiamin in goji berries. This vitamin is extremely important in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy.

5. Improves metabolism
Intake of Goji berries supports a healthy thyroid function in the body, thus improving the body metabolism.

6. Aids in protecting genetic material
Continuous exposure to various kinds of pollutants, harmful chemicals, and free radicals harm and damage a person’s DNA. Goji berries helps to protect the DNA or genetic material and improves the immune system.

7. Protects the body from radiation.
Regular intake of Goji Berries protect the human body form the ill effects of radiation. The presence of certain kind of agents makes goji berries effective in preventing from the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

8. Improves eyesight.
Regular intake of Goji berries helps to improve the vision of a person suffering form weak eyesight.

9. Protects us from fatal diseases.
The presence of antioxidants and other polysaccharides make Goji Berries useful in protecting us from fatal diseases like cancer.

With so many benefits for human health Goji berries should be a part of your diet. So, next time you feel a drop in your libido don’t forget to consume these magic berries to make your sex life happier.

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