Benefits Of God

Benefits of God

God is regarded like the Supreme Being and is worshiped by many people throughout the world. There are numerous benefits of believing in God. Further below are benefits of God and trusting in Him.

1. Assist you during difficult times
It is vital to note that God will not prevent difficult times, but He will assist you conquer your problems when they do come. This help may be through a close friend’s intervention or even getting sufficient sleep when you do not think you will be capable of sleeping. God will see you through hard times and ensure that you succeed.

2. Forgives sins
God is aware of all that you have done and where you have been. With all this information, He is willing to forgive you and restore you to His loving arms. God will assist you to get over whatever issue that drove you away from Him because He loves and cares for you very much. Actually, God will accept you if and when you decide to get back to Him.

3. Highly reliable
Among all the friends that you will ever have, God is the most reliable. If He tells you a promise through His Word, it will happen. He will never forsake you and He takes good care of individuals who fully trust in Him. Furthermore, He does not pretend, bluff or lie and will never disappoint you.

4. Effective medicine
Most of the time people are impatient when in trouble, preferring to seek instant treatment for their problems. However, Christians believe that the most effective medicine of them all is praying to God. Since He is our creator, He has a much better comprehension of our bodies as compared to doctors.
Excessive belief in God inflicts severe drawbacks on society as it may make people desire to kill others who do not share similar beliefs.

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