Benefits Of GMF

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Benefits of GMF

GMF denotes genetically modified foods they are kinds of foods that have been altered so as to attain beneficial traits. A key benefit of the production of genetically modified foods is essentially producing foods that have competitive advantages in much harsher environmental situations. Other likely reasons for engaging in genetic engineering are enhanced commercial value as well as research purposes. Here are benefits of GMF.

1. Combat world hunger
The major advantage that genetically modified foods have to offer is fighting world hunger. In fact, a recent estimate shows that over 25% of the total world’s population suffers from hunger and poverty. Most GMF are simple to grow as compared to normal plants and also generate better yields. These benefits can save numerous people in destitute areas all over the world.

2. Medicinal benefits
Genetically modified foods can assist enhance the medical field. For example, these foods may be utilized in the production of pharmacological products like vaccines and antibodies in the new field of molecular farming. Actually, the external vaccine administration may no longer be required if the vaccines can be introduced to the GMF.

3. Pest resistant
GMF are generally pest resistant and thus farmers do not have to spray chemical pesticides for keeping pests off. Many farmers use lots of pesticides annually, which is very costly. Moreover, consumers typically do not want to consume food containing chemical pesticides because of likely health hazards. GMF thereby eliminate the use of pesticide, reducing the costs of bringing food into the market.

4. Fight malnutrition
A prevalent issue in underdeveloped nations, malnutrition occurs when people are not getting sufficient nutrients from their foods. Genetically modified foods normally contain additional nutrients; helping preventing malnutrition caused problems like blindness.
Genetically modified foods also have their demerits as well. A noticeable one is that GMF do not have a good taste as compared to their natural unmodified counterparts.

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