Benefits Of Glucosamine

Benefits Of Glucosamine

Glucosamine is an essential amino sugar required for the production of healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Glucosamine is the vital building block of proteoglycans and other chemical substances responsible for the formation of protective tissues. Proteoglycans are large sized protein molecules, which act as a sponge for holding water giving elasticity to connective tissues and providing them cushioning effects. This chemical substance also acts as a shock absorber and provides protection against the excessive wear and tear of body joints. Lack of glucosamine hampers the normal functioning of tendons, ligaments, nails, skin, mucous membranes, bones, and other body tissues. If the dietary intake of glucosamine is not sufficient, make sure to fulfill its requirement by consuming glucosamine supplements. The many benefits of in taking glucosamine supplements include:

1. Helps in treating joints problems.

Intake of Glucosamine either in the diet or as supplements helps to treat a large number of joint related problems such as degeneration, inflammation, swelling, recuperation, sciatica, slipped discs and osteoarthritis.

2. Reduces stiffness.

Intake of sufficient amounts of Glucosamine helps reduce stiffness in joints occurring in any part of the body. This helps in making the body flexible, preventing it from accidents and injury.

3. Helps in treating back problems.

Although the causative factors for back problems are many, a sufficient and regular intake of Glucosamine Sulphate helps in reducing the level of discomfort or completely eliminate certain kinds of back problems.

4. Aids in healing sports injuries.

Increased intake of glucosamine and its supplements aid in healing the injuries caused during various sports activities.

5. Benefits the eyes.

Intake of Glucosamine supplements helps to alleviate the condition of uveitis, an inflammatory disease negatively affecting the iris and focusing eye muscles. Glucosamine is also very useful for preventing alterations in the vitreous humor- a substance present in the eyes. It thus protects the retina of the eyes from getting released.

6. Promotes production of proteins.

Research and study indicate that glucosamine stimulates the production of proteins inside the body tissues and aid in building and repairing the connective tissues of the body. Intake of sufficient amounts of glucosamine thus slows down or stops the progression of joint related diseases like osteoarthritis.

Although there are no major side effects of in taking glucosamine supplements except for mild gastrointestinal upset in some users, people suffering from diabetes need to consult a physician and get their condition monitored before consuming these supplements. People allergic to shellfish, pregnant and nursing mothers should also avoid glucosamine.

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