Benefits Of Ginseng

benefits of ginsengBenefits Of Ginseng
Since thousands of years ginseng has been used for improving the general health of its users. Ginseng is said to be enlighten the mind and improve wisdom. Earlier it was consumed as a tonic for maintaining the health of the whole body and it helped to cure problems like arthritis, lethargy, senility and impotence. The health benefits of using ginseng include:

1.Provides the much needed Adaptogens to the body.
Adatogens are substances that support the body in restore itself to good health without causing any side effects. They are harmless even if consumed in dosages higher than the recommended doses.

2.Improves the immune system.

Regular intake of ginseng helps to improve the immunity of the body. It is thus capable of protecting the body against many infections like common cold and serious and lethal diseases like cancer

3.Lowers cholesterol levels.
Intake of ginseng lowers the levels of cholesterol and prevents the heart from various diseases.

4.Alleviates the negative effects of aging.

Aging is a big problem. It brings with it many negatives like wrinkling of the skin, muscle problems, neurological disorders etc. intake of ginseng helps to eliminate or slow down the negative effects of ageing.

5.Helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
Consumption of ginseng maintains the blood sugar levls. It is thus beneficial for treatment of diabetes.

6.Makes the body energetic.

Ginseng increases the energy and endurance of the body. It helps to reduce fatigue caused by physical and mental stress. It is thus very useful for relieving psychological problems related to stress.

7.Helps in reducing obesity.
Those who wish to lose weight can help themselves b increasing the intake of ginseng. Ginseng Tea can help dieters in reducing their intake of sweets. It is considered as an effective appetite suppressant. So people who intake ginseng regularly crave less for food and are thus able to shed weight easily.

So if you want to settle your stomach after lunch, or want better sleep at night buy a packet of ginseng tea. It will not only relax your body and freshen up your mood but also maintain the general health of the body.

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  1. This is a great article. You might want to add that Ginseng is also a potent hair tonic, aiding hair growth and lustre. This is why some shampoos contain extract of ginseng. You can make your own ginseng shampoo by adding four or five crushed ginseng tablets into your normal shampoo. Its also great for applying topically to the skin in a face mask for anti age in the same way crush up one or two tablets mix into a basic clay mask and apply.

  2. I think one of the biggest benefits is as mood enhancer. The lift I get from ginseng removes all the dark from the day, I also think this has a powerful and direct healthy benefit. When the mind is clear and positive it directly effects the body.


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