Benefits of Gene Therapy

Benefits of Gene Therapy!

Five year old Patrick lay on his hospital bed battling for life. His parents stood outside the room crying at the sheer thought that they would lose their only son in a few days. Wasn’t there any cure? Wasn’t there a any way out to heal their son? A nurse came by and told them that the doctor wanted to see them in his office. They feared the worst as they made it to his office, one hesitant step after another. The doctor sat them down and told them he had some good news for them. Happiness filled their faces, but the doubt was evident. Noticing their questioning glances, the doctor asked them, “Have you heard of Gene Therapy‒?

Gene therapy is one of the best things to have happened in the world of medicine. Introducing genes into existing cells to cure genetic diseases is gene therapy. The main advantage of gene therapy is the hope of life it can give an otherwise dying human being. Gene therapy is like a neatly packaged gift. The gift of a new life. A second chance.

Gene therapy can also be the answer to the cure of cancer. It is so precise and accurate that it has the potential to remove cancer cells without causing any damage to normal, healthy tissue.

Gene therapy can also be the one-time treatment that all diabetics are in need off. It will replace the need for repeated injections and will be more effective and long lasting.

Gene therapy was first used on a 4 year old girl who was suffering from the bubble baby syndrome. Her immune system was practically useless and she was at risk of losing her life even from a silly cold! She underwent gene therapy and was successfully cured and now she leads a normal life.

Gene therapy is very expensive and has come under some scrutiny for the purposes for which it is used, like cosmetic correction. Some people are also against prenatal screening which is required in order to check if everything is all right with the baby in order to use gene therapy treatment. No matter what the disadvantages are, it is not easy to ignore the fact that gene therapy can cure someone afflicted with a disease and allow him to live a normal and healthy life.

As five year old Patrick waved goodbye to the nurses 2 weeks later, his parents couldn’t hide their happiness. They thanked the doctor profusely for giving their son a second life. Patrick is now cured and he was on his way to living a long, healthy life.

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