Benefits of gay marriage to society

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Legalization of same-sex marriage or gay marriage has both benefited the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people and US as a nation. As several major Supreme Court decisions about gay sex marriage across several nations loom on the horizon, nevertheless it’s an opportune time for all of us to refocus our attentions on the many advantages that is associated with the pursuit on achievement of equality in marriage and benefits of gay marriages in US and also else where all across the globe.

Reduce intergroup prejudice and homophobia

There are millions of gay people all across the world who contributes daily in several ways culturally, financially, socially, politically, spiritually and vocationally towards the development of this world. The legalization of gay marriage affirms the innate worthiness of these LGBT people as valued citizens of this world those who deserves equal rights under the hands of law. In fact, this promotion of non-discrimination and equality plays an extreme important role in affirming justice to a minority group in our society, which has since ages endured significant stigmatization and discrimination in all societies around the globe.

Foster physiological and social wellbeing.

When the LGBT people are given the freedom to achieve their full potentials in their life without having to waste precious resources and time battling for their basic marriage rights, it benefits the society as a whole. The act of discrimination between straight and gay marriages is a destructive social behaviour that ultimately brings nothing but negative consequences both to the oppressors and the oppressed. Abolishing discrimination in marriage laws and allowing gay marriages goes some way in correcting this wrong attitude in our society.

Promotes family stability

Our today’s children represent the world’s future, and so it is in the best interest of this world that we must support their development, regardless of whom they are parented by. As marriage is considered as a noble institution that helps to foster the wellbeing of the children, there are hundreds of children all across the world those who are raised in households of same-sex couples, hence legalization of gay marriage helps in providing justice to these kids. Lack of support for LGBT families denies these children with the same type of protection which are found in “traditional’ families elsewhere.

Provides economic boost

It has been observed that those states and countries that have embraced marriage equality by legalizing gay marriages have registered economic boost in their marriage and wedding industry. Allowing gay couples to marry, opens up a new market to access, as gay marriage tourism benefits those regions across the globe which permits same-sex marriage by attracting gay couples from other countries and states, where it is not legal. Moreover recognizing gay marriage enables the wedding industry to retain LGBT staffs those who can cater to similar LGBT customers in such same-sex marriages.

Foster true freedom of religion

While there are some religions which doesn’t support gay marriage, there are also others where gay marriage is not denied in such religious sects or societies. Freedom of religion allows a person to pursue the practices of their religion without government interference. Allowing gay marriage in several nations where is it still not legal shows true secularity of such nations in honoring freedom of religion in such places across the world.

Apart from these above stated benefits of legalizing gay marriages or same-sex marriages also strengthens national identity and international reputation of such states, those who honor such ideology.

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