Benefits Of Fruits and Vegetables

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Benefit Of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have been forced upon many. Kids view it as a punishment while adults either view it as doing right by them. Most kids eventually grow up to understand why vegetables and fruits are important and how it can help makes lives longer and healthier – that is, if they somehow find out. These are some important facts for people to know about vegetables.

1. They are good for the circulatory system..
Green fruits and vegetables are often good for the circulatory system. Leaves like broccoli, cabbage, spinach and kale are full of B-complex vitamins and minerals. They also have phytochemicals such as sulforaphane and indoles which have been known to act as anti-cancer agents.

2. They can help prevent blood pressure related problems.
Research has shown that at least eight servings of various fruits and vegetables a day go a long way towards avoiding heart attacks and strokes. Potassium heavy fruits like bananas can greatly improve a person’s blood pressure. Other potassium fruit sources include dried peaches, orange juice and cantaloupe.

3. They can help lower cholesterol levels.
Dietary fiber from both fruits and vegetables can lower cholesterol levels and thus, also contribute towards avoiding strokes and heart attacks. Proper bowel function can also be aided by a proper fiber filled diet. Juices do not contribute as much fiber as whole fruits or slices.

4. They provide necessary vitamins that cannot be found in other foods.
Meat doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients and vitamins that the human body needs to grow and function at its finest. Fruits and vegetables shore up what’s missing. Vitamin C and folate are two such nutrients unavailable to completely carnivorous diet.

Despite the pesticides often sprayed on them, fruits and vegetables remain an integral part of any healthy diet. Making a salad is a good way to check if all the vitamins and nutrients needed are present. Five different colors is the bare minimum. The more colors there are, the healthier the salad tends to be.

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