Benefits Of Friends with Benefits

Benefits of Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits, or only one time acquaintances is an agreement between two parties to has casual sex occasionally devoid of a romantic connection. As people become increasingly aware of this term, physical relationships have become more popular than ever before. In fact, most people today prefer friends with benefits arrangement to a romantic relationship. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why men and women alike fancy physical relationships.

1. Casual sex

The most evident thing about this arrangement is the immediate availability of casual sex, devoid of all the limitations and pressures of dating. What stands out is its clarity –both sides know the rules, since they both acknowledge that their connection is solely physical. She will never blame you of misusing her and vice versa, not to mention that there is no emotional baggage.

2. Its convenient

In this arrangement, sex in only a phone call away – there is no need of spending your money on buying her gifts or flirting with a bunch of girls in the hopes of getting laid. Being friends with benefits is very efficient and is tempting to most folks who enjoy a physical relationship instead of emotional attachment. Nonetheless, one party may become emotionally attached than the other person.

3. Physical connection

You never have to worry about performance anxiety with friends since you are more familiar with them, emotionally and physically. If you have love handles or a peculiar birthmark, they have already seen it, thus you never have to hide your physical flaws. You also know that regardless of your performance in the bedroom, your friendship is still unbroken.

Emotional attachment is the main drawback of such an arrangement. One party may end up wanting more than just physical intimacy. When this happens, one may get hurt emotionally. On the other hand, it may lead to jealously since there are no restrictions to dating other people.

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