Benefits Of Forensic Science

Benefits of Forensic Science

Forensic science involves the collection and analysis of physical evidence as well as other things present at a crime scene so as to assist in solving crimes. Some of the things that are normally analyzed include fingerprints, semen, blood, saliva, drugs and firearms. Forensic science also assists in providing information concerning unknown victims who require identification. More benefits of forensic science are discussed below.

1. Provides crime details
Through using forensic science, specific details concerning how a certain crime happened can be displayed. Every detail including the person who performed the crime, the weapons used, when and where it happened is established through various tests that are done by forensic scientists. The forensic scientists work together to contribute small parts of the whole picture until everything is known.

2. Identifies suspects
Forensic science is used for determining the suspects based on collected evidence at a crime scene. This is particularly essential where a crime happens and there was no witness. In such an instance, forensic scientists analyze the physical evidence like fingerprints or DNA to establish who performed the offense. The information is then checked against various offender databases to establish whether or not the suspect already has a criminal record.

3. Victim identification
Similar to the way forensic science may be used for identifying the offender of certain misconducts, it is also possible to identify victims of offenses. Those who might have perished in natural disasters or car accidents can be identified by using forensic science. Forensic dentists normally examine the victim’s teeth against the dental records provided by local dentists.

4. Confirm eyewitness testimonies
Sometimes an eyewitness testimony may be unreliable and forensic science may offer some assistance. It can either confirm or refute accounts of individuals interviewed at the crime scene.
Disadvantages of forensic science include that every analysis is usually time consuming and that if samples are contaminated, the accuracy of results is affected.

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