Benefits of Food Pyramid

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Benefits of Food Pyramid

Food pyramids were developed by American nutritionists in an effort to reduce obesity and promote healthy eating. These pyramids contain a diagram of the major food groups, which are meant for helping people chose healthier foods. Moreover, this also helps people limit foods which contain excessive calories.

1. Improves eating habits

Vegetable, fruit, grain, meat, beans and milk are some of the major food groups. Food groups offer an extensive list of ingredients that contain important nutrients that are needed every day for proper function. Thanks to food pyramids, people learn about nutrients, food labels and the importance of healthy eating. This will allow you to only eat healthy foods. Furthermore, food pyramids contain several suggestions on ways to best plan your meals and the correct portion sizes.

2. Teaches about exercises

In a food pyramid, users learn about the emotional and physical advantages of exercising. It helps a person to determine the amount of exercises they need to get those benefits. The pyramid offers a guidebook on the amount of calories that a person burns when exercising or engaging in some everyday activities like gardening. This makes balancing calories with exercises easy. In addition, the pyramid allows you to exercise better through suggestion several ways of being physically active and also at work.

3. Limits additional calories

You might find that you are eating additional calories from added sugars and fats than you are aware of. Those additional calories gained from eating comfort foods, like French fries and chocolate can result in weight gain and obesity. The pyramid assists you in maintaining a proper balance so that do not consume too many additional calories and insufficient nutrient-full calories.

With all the earlier mentioned advantages, it is not astonishing that many people are now using these food pyramids to manage their diets.

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