Benefits Of Folic Acid

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folic_acidBenefits Of Folic Acid
Folic Acid is a kind of vitamin that helps to promote cellular function. It is the primary component for the formation of both white and red blood cells found in blood. It is also essential for the repair and refurbishment of body cells. Folic acid is very essential for the normal functioning of the body. The multitude of benefits offered by folic acid to humans includes:

1.Benefits for pregnant women.
Intake of folic acid is very essential for pregnant women. Regular intake of folic acid during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy reduces the chances of miscarriage in pregnant women. It is for this reason that women are advised to take folic acid from the time they think about conception. It also helps to lower the risk of premature labor.

2.Benefits for the unborn child.
Intake of folic acid by pregnant women during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy helps to reduce the chances of baby born with birth defects particularly defects involved with development of spinal cord and brain. Regular intake of folic acid also helps to increase the birth weight of the baby.

3.Benefits to aged people.
Regular intake of folic acid helps to protect the development of neuro-degenerative diseases like such as Alzheimer’s disease in an aging brain. Alzheimer’s disease results in the accumulation of plaque around those areas of brain those are responsible for controlling memory and other cognitive functions of the body. Intake of folic acid helps to prevent the formation of plaque in its primary stage.

4.Helps to prevent the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease.

Another disease that is prevented by regular intake of folic acid is Parkinson’s disease. Death or impairment of certain nerve cells results in Parkinson’s disease. Such nerve cells fail to produce a chemical substance called dopamine. Deficiency of this substance causes tremors in arms, hands, feet, jaw and face. Reduced quantity of folic acid in the body is the major cause of this disease. Regular intake of folic acid prevents the occurrence of this disease at the primary stage.

5.Helps to treat problems like anemia.
Deficiency of folic acid results in anemia, particularly in aged people pregnant women and alcoholics. Regular intake of folic acid helps to cure this disease and other symptoms associated with it.

Some natural sources of folic acid include fruits, dark green leafy vegetables and yeast. Cooking of food items s results in loss of folic acid from them. It is therefore essential to include raw vegetables in the form of salads. These will help to suffice the body with sufficient quantities of folic acid and protect the body against many ailments.

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