Benefits Of Focus Groups in Research

Benefits of Focus Groups in Research

A focus group is an essential research method where ten people take part in a group discussion led by a moderator. Government agencies and consulting firms as well as other businesses use focus groups for research purposes because of their significant benefits. Further below are benefits of focus groups in research.

1. Highly suitable
The underlying principle of focus groups is that combining the responses of group members is more insightful in contrast to talking to individual people. Focus groups make a worthwhile beginning point for various projects like branding and advertising among others. These groups are highly suitable for such projects since they use key words like guidance, insight, development and explore.

2. Quick results
If the objectives of the research and the group have been well defined, then the focus group results can established in a couple of days. Based on the research objectives, it is usually very simple to recruit the type of individuals you desire in your group. The moderator may also change the topics that are usually prepared prior to the session for ensuring quick results.

3. Customer input
Most of the people recruited in focus groups comprise of an organization’s customers. This offers a great way for the managers to hear and see the way other regular people feel about a specific service or product. It is also effective for learning the consumer language currently surrounding your products.

4. Flexible research method
The flexibility of focus groups usually manifests itself in the way changes can be made during research. The making of different modifications during the actual research is important as it encourages a discussion format that is free flowing. Moderators in focus groups can add, remove or alter questions till the research is through.

Focus groups, however, cannot deal with sensitive issues as it is normally hard to have contributors share their feelings towards certain topics publicly.

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