Benefits Of Fibre


foodBenefits of Fiber
Fibre is required to keep our digestive system healthy. It speeds up the process of excretion of toxins and wastes from the human body preventing them to remain settled in the intestine or bowel for long. Hence, many diseases and ailments can be avoided. Fibres are of two kinds – soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibre helps the human body to absorb nutrients and good elements from food. Insoluble fibres help the body to move the waste and harmful materials from the digestive tract. The following are the general benefits fiber does to our body-

Loss Of Weight – Fibres do not contain calories. Hence whole meal bread contains fewer calories than white breads and pastas. Regular intake of fruits and vegetables involves lower intake of calories than other kinds of foods. Fibre makes you feel heavy and full or longer. Insoluble fibre absorbs water and your digestive tract expands. Hence it swells and fills your stomach so your appetite is satisfied. Hence, the combination of feeling filled for long and intake of low calories makes fibre a great weight loss food.

Reduces Constipation Tendencies – A dietary fibre ensures great bowel movement and reduces constipation tendencies. The insoluble fibres on reaching the digestive tracts absorb water and swells. Hence the waste materials become soft and bulky. So they move making the walls of the bowel or the lower portion of the digestive system clean. Thus easy and regular excretion of wastes reduces constipations.

Diseases In Bowel Is Reduced – The insoluble fibres are responsible for regular clearing of wastes from the digestive system thereby reducing the occurrence of bowel related disease. If wastes stay inside the bowels for long the harmful toxins gets collected and can cause disturbances inside. With the help of fibres ailments like piles, digestive problems, bowel related irritations are highly reduced.

Ensures Proper Absorption Of Minerals And Vitamins – Since fibres keep the food in the digestive tract for long time, the body absorbs all the nutrients present in the food before it is excreted. Thus all the benefits of the food consumed by you are absorbed by the body.
Controls Blood Sugar Levels – Fibre slows down the process of digestion by holding food longer in the digestive tract. Hence the food gets time to get converted to sugar or glucose at a stable rate which is then released into blood. For people affected with diabetes control of blood sugar is a common problem which is solved effectively with the help of fibres.

Reduces Risks Of Cancer – Soluble fibre helps in preventing cancers. A wide variety of cancers such as prostate cnacer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer are reduces by fibres which are anti-oxidants and great source of vitamins.

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