Benefits Of Feta Cheese

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Benefit Of Feta Cheese

Of the thousands of cheese available, many opt to enjoy feta cheese. Produced in Greece and made of goat’s milk, feta cheese finds popularity in western territories such as the United States due to its unique, tangy flavor. It also comes with a number of health benefits that make it appealing to health and weight conscious consumers.

1. It has fewer calories than other cheeses.
Feta cheese has up to 33% less calories that most calories. Consumers have also observed that it is often has more flavor that most low-calorie cheese.

2. Can help lose weight.
Feta cheese can help dieters lose weight. A single ounce of it has over one hundred milligrams of calcium and studies have shown that a high-calcium diet can stimulate the breakdown of fats and reduce fat storage.

3. Can strengthen bones.
The high calcium content present in feta cheese allows it to aid in building strong bones.

4. Feta cheese can help combat diabetes and heart disease.
A study that involved over 2,300 men revealed that a diet with dairy products such as feta cheese helped prevent metabolic syndrome, which can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

5. Has a lot of vitamins and protein.
There are numerous vitamins in each bite of feta cheese. It has large amounts of Vitamin B12 , phosphorus and riboflavin. It also has a lot of proteins, which are extremely important for muscle building.

Unfortunately, as a cheese, it remains high in sodium and saturated fats. Too much feta cheese leads to the sodium and fat erasing any and all of the benefits the consumer may have enjoyed. It is also unsafe for pregnant women to consume, as it has Listeria, a kind of bacteria deadly to fetuses. It is best enjoyed sprinkled onto salads, pasta or omelets, though it can be difficult to acquire real feta cheese outside of Greece.

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