Benefits Of Facial Massage

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Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial massage has numerous perks and is a popular spa routine. Although most clients have facial massage for relaxation purposes, there are a number of long-term benefits to having a face massage, according to recent findings. Facial massage is an excellent way to keep premature aging signs at bay, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Read on and find out the perks of having a facial massage.

1. Prevents acne and wrinkles
Today, most women have turned to Botox with the hopes of relaxing their facial muscles to fight wrinkles and fine lines. If you want to eliminate unsightly facial features associated to premature aging, you should consider facial massage instead of relying on invasive surgical procedures with adverse side effects.

2. Increases circulation
Facial massages help in collagen production and improve skin elasticity, preventing the development unwanted facial features, like whiteheads, acne, skin blemish and wrinkles. Facial massage also improves blood circulation on your skin, as well as blood distribution. Since there are different skin types, make sure you do some research to identify the products that suit your skin type.

3. Increases skin glow
Most folks use facial massage to increase skin glow and decrease puffiness. Gentle facial massage will move the muscles and skin, improving blood flow. Better blood flow will provide oxygen and nutrients to your skin. These benefits also improve your appearance and the nutrients will enhance skin elasticity.

4. Unblocks clogged pores
When the face is stimulated through massage, unclogged pores open up automatically. Stimulation increases the temperature of the skin which in turn opens up unclogged pores. This is a great way to prevent accumulation of dirt and debris that usually cause skin problems, like blackheads, acne and dull skin.
Facial massage is safe for all skin types but it is advisable to use products with mild chemicals to prevent an allergic reaction.

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