Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is usually obtained by pressing and crushing olives and then extracting oil output. Depending upon the amount of processing involved during extraction, several different varieties of olive oil are available in the market. Olive oil that is obtained from the initial pressing and crushing of olives is usually extracted without the use of heat, cold press, or any kind of chemicals. Thus, it has no unwanted flavors except for that of olives and is commonly known as extra virgin olive oil. As this oil is obtained with less human handling and processing, it is considered very close to natural olives. It is thus better and healthier as compared to other varieties of olive oil that are obtained by further crushing and pressing of the same olives.

Protects from chronic degenerative diseases.
High fat intake is usually associated with the occurrence of degenerative diseases like atherosclerosis, asthma, diabetes, colon cancer, and arthritis. However, this is true for people consuming hydrogenated fats, animal fats, and vegetable oils such as corn oil. When high fat intake is due to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, there is a reduction in the occurrence of these degenerative diseases.

Maintains a healthy heart.
The human blood contains varying levels of two types of cholesterol, the HDL (beneficial) and the LDL (harmful). Macrophages damage the LDL present in the blood, thus causing the infiltration of arterial walls and formation of plaque, which can later lead to strokes and heart attacks. Regular intake of extra virgin olive oil prevents the oxidation of LDL and thus protects the heart from these problems. It also helps in restoring normal levels of antioxidants that are produced and use for destroying free radicals, which might otherwise harm the body in many ways.

Prevents formation of gall stones.
Medical studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil is perfectly compatible with the needs of human body. It creates a natural tie with liquids that are responsible for the formation of gallstones and problems related to liver and bile function. Regular intake of olive oil thus prevents the occurrence of gall stones and liver problems.

Beneficial to the stomach.
Millions of people all over the world suffer from problems of the stomach such as gastric ulcer disease. The prime cause of ulcers is the increased levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Extra virgin olive oil helps to maintain low levels of hydrochloric acid, thus preventing the formation of ulcers. It is one of the best natural treatments for digestive disorders like constipation.

Maintain good health.
Intake of extra virgin olive oil helps to maintain a balance in human metabolism, body growth and growth of bones. Regular and sufficient intake of olive oil results in healthy development especially in children.

Good source of vitamin E.
Extra virgin Olive oil is an excellent source of vitamin E, which is extremely beneficial for the skin. Regular intake of vitamin E through this oil helps to delay the negative effects of ageing such as wrinkles and skin lining. It also improves the sexual life of the users.

Use extra virgin olive oil for everyday cooking purposes, in salads and keep yourself healthy, fit and fine.

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