Benefits Of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra virgin coconut oil is mainly used to heal and protect the skin. It is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial in nature along with being absorbed easily in the skin because of its minuscule molecular structure. Extra virgin coconut oil also boasts of a smooth and silky texture, with an appealing tropical scent. The following article shows the benefits of using the soothing and healing extra virgin coconut oil.

1. Acne treatment
The skin naturally secretes oil through sebum glands, which prevents cracking and drying of the skin. When these sebum glands are inhibited by a bacterial infection, acne forms on the skin. This usually leads to painful swelling and redness. The anti-bacterial effects of extra virgin coconut oil assist to stop the bacterial infection from spreading. This enables sebum glands to continue functioning correctly, preventing further acne outbreaks.

2. Prevents skin infections
You can easily prevent and combat both microbial and bacterial infections through applying extra virgin coconut oil on your skin. Infections are typically very painful and unsightly. From bacterial and fungal infections to acne, extra virgin coconut oil can help to heal the skin. The same properties that help combat acne are also the ones responsible for fighting other skin infections effectively.

3. Anti-ageing effects
As we age, the connective skin tissues generally get harmed by various factors. This translates to hardening and loss of skin elasticity, causing formation of ageing signs. Extra virgin coconut oil offers antioxidants through penetrating your skin. This helps strengthen the skin’s connective tissues, providing a soft and elastic skin. Furthermore, regular use of extra virgin coconut oil may also slow down the formation of brown spots on your skin through hindering oxidation.

Moderation is necessary for attaining the advantages of extra virgin coconut oil. Excessive intake can cause diarrhea-like indications if you are not used to consuming this particular oil.

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