Benefits Of Exercise

exerciseBenefits Of Exercise

It does not take much to sit and rest the whole day long but reduces the longevity of life. Exercise is the key to lead a healthy disease free life. Regular exercise not only aids in weight loss, thus curing problems related to obesity it also reduces your risk to several chronic and fatal diseases like heart attacks. Exercise not only includes jogging and running in the park but doing heavy physical household is also an exercise and offers the same benefits.

The requirements to exercise are fairly simple but offer a multitude of health benefits to individuals.
1.Helps in the prevention of heart diseases.
Regular exercise helps to strengthen the heart muscles and reduces blood pressure. It also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and increase in good cholesterol. Exercise improves blood flow in the heart and helps the heart to function efficiently. All these benefits decrease the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease like strokes.

2.Helps control type II diabetes.
Routine exercise enhances weight loss and helps to control type II diabetes. Lose in weight because of exercise enhances insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar levels in the blood. It also helps to lower bad cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. All these betterments are important to people suffering from diabetes.

3.Helps in weight loss and cure obesity.
Obesity is the cause of many diseases like high blood pressure and others. Healthy diet accompanied with regular exercise can help solve the problem of obesity. Exercise helps in reducing body fat and helps in increasing muscle mass. This helps in improving ability of the body to burn calories.
Reduction in body mass index (BMI) is the key to a long healthy life.
4.Helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis.
Activities that involve special movements of bones like jogging, walking, dancing, stair climbing, or lifting weights strengthen and improve bone formation. It thus helps in prevention of bone loss or osteoporosis that is a common problem in women subsequent to menopause.

5.Psychological Benefits of exercise.

Exercise keeps a person involved in activities associated with it. So it also helps to cure psychological problems like stress and depression. While exercising, the body releases chemical substances known as endorphins. These are mood enhancers and help to relieve problems like depression. They improve the general well being of the person.

6.Helps in curing problems like insomnia.

Studies and researches have revealed that exercise helps in curing insomnia and improves sleep in individuals.
Exercise is the easiest and the most cost effective means of achieving optimum weight and reduce the risk of many health problems. So take out some time to keep your body healthy and heart happy.

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