Benefits Of Exercise during Pregnancy

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Benefits Of Exercise during Pregnancy

Although, exercise has advantages for all, but is especially important for pregnant women. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial for both the mother and the baby. Women exercising regularly generally remain quite physically comfortable and healthy for the entire duration of pregnancy and even afterwards. Regular exercises increase their ability to tolerate labor stress and pain. They usually pass the entire period little or without any exercise at all. They also feel much comfortable after their labor and delivery. Apart from this there are many other benefits of exercising during pregnancy. Some of these benefits include:

1. Enhances the energy
Pregnancy usually debilitates a woman’s energy especially in the later part of it. But, regular exercises can help you through the daily tasks and cope up with the demanding schedule. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevents you from getting tired easily. The strong and toned muscles help you work without putting an extra physical effort on your body.

2. Improves sleep
The extra fifteen pounds of weight that you carry in front makes it difficult to find a comfortable position for sleep. But, exercise helps to work off the excessive energy and make you tired so that you lull into a deep and restful sleep.

3. Helps in reducing pregnancy discomfort
Regular exercise helps to stretch and strengthens the body muscles. This helps the body to cope up with the pains and aches of pregnancy. Walking improves the blood circulation, stretching relieves back pain, and swimming helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. All this helps to reduce the discomfort during pregnancy.

4. Gets you ready for childbirth
Exercise improves you physically so much that you become extremely strong to tolerate labor and post delivery time. Giving birth to a baby requires stamina and determination, which can be achieved through exercise during pregnancy.

5. Improves your spirits
Giving birth to a child is a life-changing experience, which usually makes people feel ecstatic, anxious and overwhelmed. Research conducted in the field shows that exercise increases the levels of serotonin in the brain. This chemical is linked to improving the mood and helps improve their spirits.

6. Improves self-image
Exercise results in improved physical condition and controlled body weight. Achieving this particularly at the time of pregnancy improves a woman’s self image.

7. Quick post partum recovery.
Regular exercise during pregnancy improves the physical condition and provides strength to a woman’s body. This helps in quick and easy post partum recovery.

Exercise is good for a pregnant woman’s health, but should be done only after consulting a gynecologist. Women suffering from problems like pre-eclampsia and pre-term labor should avoid doing exercise at all costs. Women having problems like pain, bleeding, spotting and unusual discharge should not resort to exercise as they might end up causing harm to the developing fetus.

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