Benefits Of European Union

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Benefits Of European Union

The European Union or EU is a political and economic union of twenty-seven member states that are primarily located in Europe. This international organization constituting of European countries was formed after the Second World War. The organization aimed at reducing trade barriers; enhance cooperation and regional integration among its members. Many European countries who did not join the union earlier, were invited and they accepted the invitation. There are many benefits of joining the European Union, some of which include:

1. Political benefits:
Â’· Member countries can participate in creating a United Europe.
Â’· The democratic system of the participating state increases.
Â’· The member state becomes safe.
Â’· There are virtually no boundaries among the states of the European Union.
Â’· There are no passwords and visas required for interstate movement.
Â’· There is easy travelling and free movement to any member state.
Â’· One has the freedom to look for a job and work in any member state of the European Union.
Â’· All the above would help in strengthening the cultural bonds of members with other countries of Europe.

2. Economic benefits:
Â’· Free movement of goods.
Â’· Free movement of capital.
Â’· Freedom to offer services to any member state.
Â’· Unification of economic laws in countries of the European Union.
Â’· Easy movement of product manufactured in one country to other among member countries.
Â’· The above economic changes would lead to more competitive market and reduced product prices.
Â’· Enforcement of one common currency- the Euro.
Â’· Protection of member states against hyperinflation and instability in monetary market, banks and saving accounts.
Â’· The complete structure of farming for member states would be altered. There would be few larger farms instead of many small farms.
Â’· Farms would have better equipment thus resulting in improved efficiency.
Â’· Increased specialization in the techniques of farming.
Â’· General economic development of the member states.

3. Social benefits:
Â’· Every member country would approach the European standards in the aspect of personal safety of their citizens, their job safety, education, health, information and high quality of life.
Â’· Students of member countries would be able to participate in educational programs that offer stipends for studying overseas.
Â’· Children of employees working abroad are allowed to attend local schools.

4. Environmental benefits:
Â’· Implementation of standard European ecological norms, which have been formulated for member states.
Â’· Improvement in the quality of environment and general quality of life of people living in member states.
Â’· Implementation of ecology-friendly technologies, which in turn will result in the improvement of the environment.
Â’· Rational and efficient utilization of materials and energy.

With all the above benefits of joining the European Union, it is essential that other European countries which are still not a part, join and get benefitted by it.

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