Benefits Of Ethanol

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Benefits Of Ethanol

These days, one of the largest global problems is the rapidly increasing cost of gasoline. Until only recently, more and more people have been opting to walk or commute rather than spending a large amount of their income on gas money. However, there has been a discovery of an alternative fuel source that will not only serve as a viable substitute for gasoline, but it is also a more eco-friendly one: ethanol.

Ethanol is a colorless liquid that can be derived from certain plants, and then processed. Once processed, this liquid becomes a renewable and eco-friendly source of transportation fuel. More and more car makers are coming out with hybrid vehicles that have engines that can run on “mixed‒ fuels. You can get ethanol-blended gas in either low concentrations, such as the E10 with 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline, or you can really take out your carbon footprint and get the E85 (which is the highest ethanol blend available today) that contains 85% ethanol and only 15% gasoline.

There are several benefits of using ethanol. The most important is that you drastically reduce greenhouse emissions that are coming from your vehicle. Since ethanol comes from a clean source, they release less carbon dioxide and virtually no carbon monoxide when they are burned, unlike coal fuel.

You can also help with the global agricultural sector when you use ethanol. Since they come from crop plants such as corn and cotton, the higher the demand for ethanol, the more farmers will start growing these crops to meet that demand. If more and more people use ethanol instead of gasoline, there will be more job opportunities for local farmers rather than spending the money to buy imported gasoline. You can also be more assured of your fuel supply since the fuel will be from local sources, and you won’t have to rely on something that is as hard to predict as the world market.

You won’t have to worry about ethanol during colder months, as well. The chemical structure of ethanol keeps it from freezing during the winter months, so ethanol essentially has a natural anti-freeze in its formula.

You can also help your car, as well as the environment!

Ethanol burns cleanlier than gasoline, which means that residue inside your car in dramatically decreased as well. However, you will need to have used at least E10 fuel ever since you started using your car.

Also, using ethanol as a source of fuel can give your wallet a much-needed rest. A gallon of gas has been priced to around $2.00/gallon, while a gallon of ethanol will only cost you around $1.27.

The most important advantage of using ethanol is that it gives you less! Less expenses, less pollution and less residue in your car, all of which will only give you more in the future.

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