Benefits of Ethanol Fuel

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There are many efforts currently being undertaken to find a stable alternative to oil. Many environmentalists have been promoting ethanol fuel due to its vast benefit. Ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel source sin it is plant-based. It can be extracted from sources like corn, sugar cane, waste paper, sorghum or wheat.

1. Organic fuel

The organic base of ethanol is touted heavily by its promoters, who think that drivers would benefit from depending on the domestic farmers rather than depending on foreign sources of oil. This means that farmers will also benefit since they would be the ones who are given the task of supplying the vital ingredients required for manufacturing ethanol. As such, sugar cane and corn act like renewable sources that domestic farmers can grow when needed.

2. Clean energy

Ethanol fuel burns cleaner as compared oil or gasoline, which is also a major benefit. Vehicles that can use E85 ethanol create lesser toxic emissions. In fact, ethanol fuel does not possess considerable amounts of dangerous materials like benzene and lead. Through lowering the degree of greenhouses gases created by cars, ethanol fuel is therefore promoted like the best substitute to gasoline.

3. Lowers dependence on oil

Even though ethanol might never replace petroleum oil fully like the world’s main energy source, it can lower the overall quantity of oil that a country would require importing. Nevertheless, critics have suggested that future reliance on corn for ethanol would replace the oil sheiks with American farmers. This would greatly benefit the local economy since all the industries related to farming like food processing and transportation would also benefit.

Despite all the aforementioned merits, ethanol is very corrosive. It absorbs dirt and water easily and when these contaminants fail to be successfully filtered out, they cause corrosion and damage in the engine.

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