Benefits of Estrogen Replacement

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Benefits of Estrogen Replacement

Estrogen replacement is very efficient in doing away with signs of menopause like increased fatigue, irritability, skin changes, depression, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia and night sweat. This type of therapy also provides protection against osteoporosis, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease.

1. Improves mood

Research has indicated that estrogen helps to improve moods of women, especially those who have lost their ovarian function. Even though the actual mood-improving effect has not been understand fully, estrogen has many useful effects in the brain. It provides a mental tonic and thus gives a person a general feeling of well-being. Most women describe a revitalization feeling after getting estrogen replacement, which leads to more productivity and alertness.

2. Boosts sexuality

One of the vital hormones responsible for maintaining sexuality in women is estrogen. Its absence greatly reduces sexuality while its presence increases it. Through getting estrogen replacement, you are more likely to notice enhanced sensuality, desire, awareness as well as more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

3. Anti-ageing properties

Estrogen considerable slows down the ageing process for a healthier and natural look. After menopause, a woman’s skin is dry and thin with body hair falling out. As soon as you start estrogen replacement, the above symptoms will disappear. Within 6 months, it is highly likely that your skin will appear softer and thick due to the enhanced oil production from sebaceous glands. Estrogen replacement is also beneficial in doing away with wrinkles, leaving you with a younger appearance.

4. Alleviates hot flashes

Estrogens are very useful in getting rid of this uncomfortable sign of menopause. Hot flashes usually occur at night and cause sleeping disturbance. Estrogen replacement provides the much needed relief, which leads to better sleep.

Since estrogen replacement requires regular medical monitoring, it is very costly and there is also likelihood of getting surgical procedures.

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