Benefits Of Estradiol

Benefits of Estradiol

Estradiol refers to the medication that is derived from estrogen. It is mainly used to treat both severe and moderate menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness and hot flashes. It might also be recommended to patients who have very low levels of estrogen. A patient who experiences thinning or inflammation of the walls of the vagina is also prescribed this drug. Estradiol is accessible like a cream, injection, vaginal ring, patch, gel, emulsion and tablets.

1. Promote weight gain
Estradiol contains lots of two key female hormones including estrogen and progestin. This not only makes up for estrogen loss that is experienced by most women during menopause, but it has other benefits. For instance, making changes to your diet and also engaging in weight training exercises could assist you effectively gain weight as you take Estradiol. Consult your physician first before using Estradiol while exercising.

2. Treats low estrogen levels
Most menopause symptoms are associated with low estrogen levels. In fact, these low estrogen levels can result in hot flashes that are normally accompanied with flushing. Such low levels of this hormone can cause other detrimental effects like reduced production of vital vaginal fluids. This can result in vaginal dryness and make sexual intercourse not only uncomfortable, but also painful. Low estrogen may also show itself like burning or itching of a woman’s vagina. As estrogen is vital for a healthy menstrual cycle, insufficient estrogen could result in irregular menstrual cycles. All these problems can be corrected with Estradiol use. In fact, this drug allows women to continue living healthy lives even after menopause.

3. Side effects
Just like other drugs, Estradiol has some side effects. A common side effect is that it causes breast enlargement. As such, users can experience, breast swelling along with nipple pain. While these reactions may not be harmful, it may make some patients, especially men, very uncomfortable.

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