Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

EFA or the essential fatty acids are acids which humans and animals alike must take to promote good health for the body needs these acids but they cannot produce them from other components of food. Essential fatty acids are needed for bodily processes, which is always misconstrued by other people for normal fats which only fuel the body. Essential fatty acids have two kinds: the omega-3 fatty acid, an alpha-linolenic acid and the omega-6 fatty acid, which is a linolenic acid.

1.Essential fatty acids greatly reduce the risk for heart diseases caused by visceral fats and cholesterol

Unlike fats from red meat, essential fatty acids from plants and fish do not contribute to cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels. Therefore, the consumption of friendly fatty acids is more beneficial, because less cholesterol means no risk for life-threatening heart conditions, such as a heart attack, a blockage or a stroke.

2.Essential fatty acids are one of the best ways to counteract obesity
It’s funny, isn’t it? But you fight fat, with fat. Fatty acids do not cause a buildup in the body, and do not add up to the bulk. Essential fatty acids, especially from plants, such as avocadoes, help eliminate the effects of bad visceral fats by lowering cholesterol in the body.

3.Essential fatty acids are beneficial in lowering blood pressure and maintaining it in its normal levels
There are many causes of high blood pressure, but it must be controlled appropriately, because it could give way to irreversible heart diseases. Supplements that contain 3 or more grams of fatty acids from fish oils have been proven to reduce hypertension in people who have exhibited high blood pressure but have not been treated.

4.Essential fatty acids give you your inner glow
These fatty acids work on the cells to make them healthier so you can look great even on the outside. Fatty acids help improve the texture of skin, nails and hair while ultimately strengthening them with nutrients that cannot be found in the body, and that only diet can supply.

5.Essential fatty acids are needed for the optimum functioning of the brain and nerves
This is why young children and pregnant mothers are encouraged to take supplements and consume natural sources of fatty acids like avocadoes, flaxseed, nuts and fish oils. These fatty acids help reduce the risks of neurological disorders such as attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, and even depression.

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