Benefits Of Escherichia Coli

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Benefits of Escherichia Coli

Escherichia coli refer to a probiotic that assists in treating symptoms of IBS like ulcerative colitis. Different from other pathogenic forms of Escherichia coli, its probiotic form is beneficial to the body. Some of the advantages offered by E. coli include enhancing reproductive, digestive and immune health. Other benefits of Escherichia coli are shown below.

1. Improve immune response
Escherichia coli act like antigens and thereby fight a great variety of conditions and disorders. When E. coli attaches to intestinal walls, they make the small intestines mildly acidic. This retards the development of bacteria that cause disease. This means that the immune system will do less amount of work in preventing ailments in the small intestines. It is thus accessible to combat ailments in other body parts. E. coli also stimulates production of antibodies, promoting defense against any infections.

2. Prevents intestinal complications
Probiotics like Escherichia coli have been displayed in several studies to provide relief against infectious diarrhea, which is common in infants and children. It normalizes bowel function, which may assist alleviate constipation problems. E. coli assists in cleansing the intestines through dislodging collected matter and assisting to flush them from the body.

3. Better overall health
A research in 2009 treated a certain group of workers using Escherichia coli and another cluster of people with placebo. They discovered from the results that those who were treated using E. coli missed going to work less regularly due to gastrointestinal or respiratory problems than the other people who were given placebo.

4. Boost digestion
E. coli boosts digestion through secreting digestive enzymes, which aid food breakdown. This enables energizing nutrients such as proteins to be absorbed fully. It also prevents the accumulation of waste in the body, a key cause of bloating and constipation.
Because Escherichia coli cell cultures might be infected or contaminated with other fungi, the use of this probiotic is limited.

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