Benefits of ESC

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Benefits of ESC

ESC or Electronic Stability Control system is a type of technology intended to improve car safety. ‘ Small cars and SUVs are said to benefit from this technology in terms of less crashes and less severe road accidents. ‘ Based on numerous tests, cars equipped with ESC are considered much safer for driving. ‘ This is especially applicable to road mishaps and accidents that are attributed to driver error under so-called slippery conditions. ‘ The following are the benefits of the ECS system:

1. ‘ Better Car Traction

Electronic Stability Control in cars is able to support existing traction systems in them. ‘ In conditions wherein the car needs more grip on the road, ECS is activated to give the driver less chance of skidding. ‘ The ECS system as they say provides some kind of lateral stability making the car have more traction and possibly avoid skidding accidents. ‘ Experts in the auto industry usually emphasize the fact that most accidents are related to some driver error resulting to skidding off roads. ‘ With the ECS system active, traction is greatly enhanced.

2. Better car control

With improved lateral stability provided by ECS technology, drivers will also feel more control over their cars during dangerous turns and slippery roads. The Electronic Stability Control system is also able to work well with ABS or anti-lock braking systems to ensure that drivers can still maneouver their car and possibly steer away from danger during sudden-brake situations. ‘ With more control provided by the ECS system, some accidents could be prevented in the process.

3. ‘ Less turnovers

The combined effects of improved traction and enhanced lateral stability provided by ECS simply results to lesser incidents of cars turning over during a skidding or slipping incident. ‘ This is supported by the fact that a car with ECS has more grip on the road and the driver him/herself is provided with more control in the steering wheel.

Various tests and statistical data have proven that ECS or Electronic Stability Control systems are very effective in promoting enhanced car and road safety. ‘ Whether a car is as small as a hatchback sedan or a big and full-powered SUV, ECS technology can help prevent road accidents and thereby promote more road safety.

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