Benefits Of Epsom salts

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saltBenefits Of Epsom salts
Most beauty products are laden with toxic chemicals that are very harmful for the health and texture of the skin. Along with this, these expensive products cannot be afforded by all. Epsom salt is one good and healthy alternative for beauty products that contain lots of chemicals. Epsom salts has been known for its beauty benefits since olden times and is nowadays used as a multipurpose home remedy for several things. The benefits of this salt include:

1.Helps to relieve muscle tension and body aches.
Two cups of Epsom salts added to a tub of warm water, when used for soaking body helps to relieve muscle tension and body aches.

2.Benefits for the skin.
Epsom salt is very beneficial for the skin. Application of this salt on moist skin gives it a soft and smooth appearance. It also acts exfoliates and removes all the dirt and dust accumulated o the skin making it fresh and young.

3.Provides magnesium and sulphate to the body.
Epsom salt contains high quantities of magnesium and sulfate. Both these salts when taken through food are not properly absorbed by the stomach. Recent studies have shown that taking a bath of Epsom salt increases levels of these salts in the body. The skin absorbs them efficiently and thus Epsom salt helps to cure the deficiency of magnesium and sulfate.

4.Role of sulphates.
Sulfates help to play a vital role in the development of brain tissue and proteins found in the joints and those lying in the walls of digestive tract. Sulphate also stimulates the pancreas for secreting the pancreatic juice that helps in proper digestion of food. They help to detoxify the body by removing unused medicines and contaminants that enter the body from the environment.

5.Helps to relieve stress.
Magnesium is a natural stress reliever. Situations of stress lead to the secretion of excessive adrenaline which results in draining magnesium from the body. Magnesium absorbed through the skin from Epsom salt helps to bind sufficient quantities of serotonin. This compound relieves stress, helps to elevate the mood of the person and creates a general feeling of well being.

6.Benefits to the hair.
Epsom Salt is very useful for people with oily hair. Used in combination with a mild shampoo it helps to remove excessive oil from the hair, increase the bulkiness of the hair and helps to remove dirty residues from them.

7.Beneficial for the nails.
Epsom salt is quite useful in removing nail fungus.

Though very beneficial for all the people of all age groups pregnant women or people suffering from some health problem should check with a doctor before making use of this salt.

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