Benefits Of Epsom Salt Soak

Benefits of Epsom Salt Soak

Epsom salts, commonly known as Magnesium Sulphate is an organic compound containing Sulphate and Magnesium. They are an easy and affordable way to cleanse the skin and to relieve anxiety and stress. Epson salt baths have proven beneficial in the treatment of many diseases, from acne to inflammation, and many others. Read further and find out the many health benefits you can reap from this essential compound.

1. Stress reliever
The most common use of Epsom salt soak is to aid in relieving stress after a long day’s works. Simply dump a glass of Epsom salt in hot water, relax and allow the mixture to soak into the body. This can help soothe your nerves and uplift mood.

2. Exfoliates skin
Mix warm water with two glasses of Epsom salts, relax and allow it to soak into the skin. This will soften the dry, rough patches of the skin that often make you appear tired and worn out. Rubbing the compound directly on your body leaves the skin smooth. You can also mix it with essential oils to add scent.

3. Detoxification
Research shows that Epsom salt bath contains magnesium which plays an active role in eliminating harmful wastes from the skin. By soaking yourself in the bath regularly, you can alleviate muscle pain and joint problems, which make it somehow similar to a spar bath.

4. Treats skin disorders
While this bath helps to soften the skin by eliminating unsightly facial feature like acne, this alone may not cure Eczema. Apart from having an Epsom salt bath, you should ensure you follow a proper nutrition of vegetables and fruits containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These ingredients will improve your skin health, as well as its defense mechanism.

Although prolonged soaking may cause diarrhea, many folks consider this beneficial in regards to weight loss. Nonetheless, you must exercise caution to avoid dehydration.

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